Adult shows, I’m ready when you are. Are you putting together a low key “dinner and show” type evening? Well, I can handle that. My comedy show can be very intimate and cozy. Or are you throwing a “rager”? Living it up? Or maybe you are just throwing a fun party and need some entertainment. Any plan that you have, my comedy magic show will work and will be a hit.

Family shows, such as wedding dinners, or family gatherings, or any event where there will be both adults and children attending. Probably one of the hardest shows to do. Probably the type of show that most often gives magicians a bad name. The large array of age groups makes it very easy to have a bad show, especially when the magician doesn’t know what they are doing. My shows are fully scripted, with the ability for improvisation, and are a nice abundance of comedy and magic with my own creative twist.

Colleges, Casinos, Nightclubs, and Corporate events, are my specialty. If you are putting together an event, and you need entertainment, what you want is someone that will knock down barriers. That’s the special something that my show has. It’s funny, it’s “off the wall”, it’s original, it’s creative, has a lot of audience participation, and it opens people up to a good time.
Randi Rain - Stage And Close Up Magician