It’s not too early to book for HALLOWEEN

Crazy Magic… Fire Eating… Sideshow

Do you want to have the coolest Halloween party ever? I can help!

And if you really want to have something that people will be talking about for a long time,

I have friends I can bring.

Book now to make sure you get the date that you need.

 Randi Rain Fire Eating

Host Your Own Comedy Magic Party

The holidays are over.

Nothing really good to do now.

How about throw a party?
A simple party. Where everyone comes, has some refreshments, chat, then I will come and do a show for you right in your living room. I don’t need much space and I will have your friends laughing, having a great time, and totally blown away. It’s what I do, and you will look like a great party host. It’s as simple as that.



It’s never too late to book for Halloween. You just have to be flexible.

Randi is the perfect magician for the Halloween party.

Everything from the best magic show, to fire eating, and she even has her own real life Electric Chair with Telsa Coil.

Inquire within.